Algo Trading* Simplified

We offer curated algorithmic trading portfolios for your personal brokerage account that not just diversify across Stocks, Bonds, Commodities, ETF’s and Time, but also ‘Evolve’ over time


Yes! Read on to learn how to make time work for you.

Time is Money.

Should one invest for the long term and hold on to positions for years? or Should one try to get in and out of the market

Why not do both?

Imagine a personal AI algorithmic trader that trades for you in your own brokerage account based on your risk profile.

Diversify across rebalancing, swing trading and day trading to seek higher returns.

Make time work for you instead of against you.

Strive to manage the ups and downs of market cycles

What goes up may come down and what comes down may go up again. It is difficult to predict the nature of the market.

Even those who get it right usually only talk about the times they got it right and hide the instances when they did not!

What if we change the nature of investments to plan around risk as opposed to planning around returns?

Our approach is to manage investments to a client’s risk profile and seek the by-product of higher returns.

Time is Cyclical.

Time is Emotion.

Knowing when to get in and when to get out

Most investors lose money because they let emotion come in the way in terms of deciding when to get in (Fear of Missing Out when the asset is already up) and when to get out (Fear and panic when the asset prices drop).

Take the Emotion Out

Algorithms have no emotion and manage your portfolio automatically without any manual intervention. Getting in and out then becomes a calculated logical decision based on data and math rather than an emotional decision. Read here about one simple logical tweak that may reduce your risk significantly.

Imagine having multiple algorithmic strategies compete for your funds

Strategies that perform well in some market scenarios may not perform in other scenarios. 

Our portfolios “evolve” over time using a “survival of the fittest” model, where strategies that consistently perform well get a higher allocation in our portfolio. Strategies that do not perform well see a decaying allocation and may eventually get benched. 

This also helps us manage the risk of a strategy under performing for a long period of time


Time is Evolution.

How does it work?

Our Models work by Optimizing for the Risk-Return Trade-Off      


Investing in the stock market (S&P 500) gets you an average return of ~10% per annum (1994-2022), but with a risk of ~50% (that is how much the market dropped in 2008-2009)

A return to risk ratio of ~0.2.


Our Models

Using a combination of risk-management techniques that include asset diversification, time diversification, evolution and "opportunistic" hedging mechanisms, we strive to achieve a return to risk ratio that is better than stocks

How much better?
Click below to know more

Putting it all Together

Asset Diversification

All our models diversify between various assets that are historically minimally correlated. Assets include stocks, bonds, gold which as a combination tends to do well in any economic scenario.

Time Diversification

This is an approach that combines long term rebalancing with Swing Trading to strive for superior agility and protection.


Most of our models are also protected using a "hedge" that provides potential downside risk mitigation for the portfolio when the market turns significantly negative


All of our portfolios 'evolve' over time using a 'survival of the fittest' model, where the most consistent strategies survive and the weakest decay out.

How does it work? See our video here or if you prefer the written word, read here to understand more. 

Getting Started

Meet Us

Allow us to get to know you a little better, your risk preferences, your life stage, your investment preferences. Learn more about our strategies that strive to help you get the most out of your money.

Engineer a Plan

Allow us to engineer a portfolio of strategies that strive to help you get the most of your money for a risk level that you are comfortable with.

Get it Done

Sit back and watch our AI trading algorithms do their job. Tweak them occasionally as your risk preferences and life-style changes.

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